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Any CRTN Users Out ...

Any CRTN Users Out There? I Need An Assist!  

Jim Frame
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I'm looking for someone with a California Real Time Network account who can connect to mountpoint UCD1 to see if their rover gets an RTK position.  I believe the station got misconfigured awhile back, and I can no longer get usable data from it with my Javad.  I believe there are multiple problems, including something funky with the L1 data and a blank antenna record (Message 1007).  I ran into the problem a couple of weeks ago, but in the mean time things have gotten more complicated because about a week ago BARD (the owner of the station) replaced the old Trimble NetRS and choke ring with a Septentrio receiver and antenna.  I've been corresponding with CRTN and BARD folks, but troubleshooting this seems to be a low-priority item for them, and it might help if I could point to another user seeing the same thing I am.


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Brad Ott
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