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Affordable Sets for Basic Surveying Tasks  

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Hello all,


I'm in search of a set that is affordable in order to perform basic surveying tasks. The most common task I want to perform is to collect coordinates to define property edges. Ideally I would like the coordinates to be consistent with my country's coordinate system, i.e. accurate with regards to a stable point in the vicinity of the properties I am looking forward to survey.


Any info on an affordable GPS/GNSS set to perform those tasks would be welcome!

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Norman Oklahoma
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Your profile lists you as being in Massachusetts. If you try to "define property edges" in that "country" without a survey license you are likely to find only trouble. There are plenty of ways a non-licensed person can use GPS legally and usefully, but that is not one of them.  Not there, anyway.

Nevertheless, you are probably looking for an RTK setup. Which is going to be dual frequency (I believe that single frequency RTK is theoretically possible, but not very practical). Which leaves out several low cost single frequency options.  When I was shopping for used receivers a couple of years ago some used Topcon Hiper Lite+ systems that were available for around $5k a pair +/- came up.  Kind of risky though, because repair parts are not available for those, except by scavenging old units.  And somebody had an old Leica setup for sale here recently for less than that. 

A Harris
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We are wanting things to be so simple that a gadget with an Easy button would show us boundaries too.

Things are not that modern no matter what is being advertised or told.

Your local taxing agency, land management agency and/or state site should have a website that will allow you to view property boundaries overlayed on googlemap or google earth that will give an example of how the boundaries are with no guarantee that they are actually correct as shown.


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I don't to do this kind of work in MA.

I have found those receivers at an affordable price:

Reach RS+ Survey Kit


I would like to ask you what is the benefit of having a second one instead of having just one?

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The profile says licensed in Massachusetts but the phrase "my country's coordinate system" and other phrasing don't sound like a licensed Massachusetts surveyor.   If you are licensed, I apologize.  Does it mean "county" instead of "country"? 

If you are not licensed there, you need to change your profile information right away.

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