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How to upload photos and other files  

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One of the most common questions I get via email is how to upload images or other files (like PDF documents). So I thought I'd put together this little how-to post. Smile

For the TL;DR crowd, scroll down for a screencast video.


How to attach files to your post

  • In the post editor, click where you'd like the photo(s) to appear in your post. The location of the cursor is where the attachment code will be inserted into your post.
  • Click the "Attach Files" link under the WYSIWYG editor.
  • A dialog window will open up with some buttons across the top. If you've uploaded files in the past, you'll also see a list of those, giving you the opportunity to re-use them.
  • Click the "Attach Files" button to select the files you want to upload. You can attach multiple files at once, or you can add them one at a time.
  • The files you attach will be added to the top of the list of files. By default, they will be selected for insertion into your post, as indicated by the checked checkbox at the far right hand side of each listed file. Note that the files have not yet been uploaded at this point.
  • Once you have all the files you want to attach shown in the listing and checked, you can click the "Start Upload" button at the top. This will begin the upload process for all selected files at once. You can also click the "Start Upload" button next to each file if you want to upload them individually.
  • Now that all of the files have uploaded, you can insert them into the post by clicking the "Insert into post" button.
  • You will be returned to the post editor where you'll see the attachment code.


Here is a quick screencast of the process:

Posted : May 8, 2018 10:46 am
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