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New Profile Posts

  1. Luke CO PLS
    Luke CO PLS Gene Kooper
    I understand completely what you said about the Board. I also get some of what you referred to from the past. When the BLM or one of their surveyors takes this attitude, I just want to kick their ass. Appreciate your in input on this one and I will be checking it out and looking over my shoulder. Jim Luke 503-869-1043 cell
  2. Luke CO PLS
    Luke CO PLS
    Back to Colorado. Working for surveying company 3 days a week and loving it!
  3. Tasman
    Tasman pmoran

    I have a Topcon GR3 receivers. When i went to field recently the base receiver was not tracking satellites so i cleared the NVRAM but that didn't work. I then updated the firmware but that didn't also work. I am hoping you have some ideas to how to get it tracking satellites again. Thanks.
  4. A Harris
    A Harris arctan(x)
    I discovered that my emails have not succeeded in contacting you
    Are you still interested in the tribrach
  5. Andy Nold
    Andy Nold paden cash
    I'm amazed how you pinpointed that dune. You almost dropped dead square in the middle of my section. You either saw clues I didn't, or you have a lot of time to analyze dune patterns. Lol.
    1. paden cash
      paden cash
      And to top it all off...it only took less than 13 minutes! I'm a quick scanner with my eyes I guess. My sons' granddad had a place near Kermit. I was a little familiar with some of the scenery around there.
      Jun 2, 2017
  6. EAMpeg
    EAMpeg Kris Morgan
    olá, você conhece pós processamento de dados trimble DGPS kinematic?
  7. BrandonA
    BrandonA TXSurveyor
    I saw a thread you started a few years back about getting your LA license by way of comity. I just passed the TX RPLS and LA is where I have my sights set on now. Did you end up pursuing the LA license?
    1. TXSurveyor
      I applied a couple of years back and was denied because of a application issue. I got busy and back burned the idea. I've actually spent the last couple of months regathering all of the required info and hope to submit in the next couple of weeks
      May 22, 2017
  8. FL/GA PLS.
    FL/GA PLS. paden cash
    thanks man, just checking
  9. FL/GA PLS.
    FL/GA PLS. paden cash
    Dude are you OK?
    1. paden cash
      paden cash
      Haven't been on the computer much because Money Penny has been convalescing from a knee replacement. My "retirement" is hard to get used to. I'm not usually good company when I'm in a fowl mood...;)

      But thanks for asking. It's a temporary thing. I plan on dragging a motorcycle or two out of the garage this weekend and acting like young again. Hope you and yours are ok.
      May 19, 2017
  10. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson Jules J.
    I helped, with others, talk him through some of his previous rough times. If you have his contact info, I lost direct contact with him several years ago, let him know that I still am willing to help if I can. We can do it me to him or him to me. Whichever way he prefers.

  11. Mark Mayer
    Mark Mayer
    Well, I've got until next year to think it over. Lots of things can happen in that time. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson Mark Mayer
    Check the regs before retiring your OK license. I think You have to have it active for a minimum of 20 years. Plus be old enough. Otherwise you are just dropping it and would have to start over if you later wanted to practice in OK.
  13. hlbennettpls
    hlbennettpls Jimmy Cleveland
  14. Moe Shetty
    Moe Shetty amdomag
    good morning amdomag. i have the system 1200 bulletins for you. they really make the data collector sing well. give me your email and i will send them
  15. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson paden cash
    I finished Jr. High and High School about 40 miles east on US 60 from that picture at the state line. My mother and sister still live there. My sister is the HS English Teacher.
    1. paden cash
      paden cash
      Father's family is from the Alva area (Freedom). Nobody up there anymore, just headstones.
      Apr 6, 2017
  16. Illfixit
    Illfixit thebionicman
    Thomas, I must be having trouble, I posted a message hers but it said there were too many words. Anyway could you send me or text me your email so we can talk.
    Thanks. Roy
    1. thebionicman
      Not sure if you got my message or not. Will check in after test tomorrow.
      Apr 4, 2017
  17. Robert Locke
    Robert Locke Jim Frame
    Hi Jim,

    I have taken the liberty of contacting you personally in regard to the Bricscad program you talk about from time to time. I have been offered the possibility of getting back in the surveying game from and old friend and former employer. Any advice on how to make the best use of whatever way you do it would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance,
  18. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson paden cash
    Have you yet informed McMillimeter that the most prolific plant in West Texas, The Mesquite, is a foreign invader? From Spain. In the early 1500's. It came over with the first cattle.
    I do not communicate with him and as a rule haven't for over 15 years. The last time I checked he had all of my known email addresses blocked.
    1. paden cash
      paden cash
      Wow. I guess he takes things a little too personal sometimes. I remember when Wendell changed the format Kent threw a fit and held his breath a month or two. He's definitely an odd egg. I'll throw the mesquite thing in there soon and try to get a rise out of him! thnx
      Mar 29, 2017
      Stephen Johnson likes this.
    2. Stephen Johnson
      Stephen Johnson
      He can't stand being laughed at. When he tried to attack me during a political disagreement. I kept telling him to try again, he might eventually get it right. Effectively laughing at his opinions and his attempts to try to belittle me and others. A few years later I tweaked his nose again. That is when he blocked all of my email addresses.
      Apr 6, 2017
  19. leegreen
  20. BushAxe
    BushAxe Mark Silver

    You posted once that the HCN file is similar to a DAT file. You also mentioned it could be edited in Notepad. But the post I found was not specific about what should be edited from the HCN file to make it a DAT file. I am on a corps of engineers computer and have no way of installing software. So any suggestions on converting a HCN to a DAT without software are greatly appreciated.