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New Profile Posts

  1. dms330
    dms330 Duane Frymire
    Duane, I'll be at conference Wednesday and Thursday, maybe we can grab that cup of coffee we tried to do last year
    Dave Simolo 585-259-3004
    1. Duane Frymire
      Duane Frymire
      Sounds good. I'm here and will be till Friday. Commuting after tonight though. Catch you during a break or after classes. Duane 315-281-3926.
      Jan 17, 2017 at 3:32 PM
  2. Angel
    “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.”
  3. thebionicman
    The Oregon database indicates the Board was OK with my application. One more place to have fun...
  4. Jerry Attrick
    Jerry Attrick StLSurveyor
    Mr. StLSurveyor,

    I can't seem to find your email address.

    I might be interested in the reflector-less model.

    Ralph Dominguez
  5. surv8r
    surv8r sowega jeff
    Just saw your posts on SC. Where in SOWEGA are you located? I'm in Albany
  6. Jules J.
    Jules J. BigE

    how are you doing. Been praying for you night and day.

  7. half bubble
    half bubble
    Looking for work anywhere in Washington State
  8. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson Wendell
    How do I disable the Firefox ad blocker for just this site?
    1. Wendell
      That depends on what ad blocker you are using.
      Dec 21, 2016
    2. Wendell
      If you are using Adblock Plus, you click the Adblock icon, then click "disable for this site". If you are using uBlock Origin, you click the uBlock icon then click the big power icon.
      Dec 21, 2016
    3. Wendell
      For other ad blockers, I don't know because I've not used any others. But I suspect they'd be similar to the above, or you might be able to go into that blocker's settings to whitelist the URL.
      Dec 21, 2016
  9. cwlawley
    cwlawley Webbed feet
    I'd be interested in the whole package for 14k. Any wiggle room?
    1. Webbed feet
      Webbed feet
      I can do 14k if you pick up. Equipment is located in South Arkansas. Where are you located?
      Dec 19, 2016
    2. cwlawley
      I am interested. I'm in NC though. I can send certified check and provide a call tag for shipping. We can cover those costs and pickup charges. Let me know.
      Dec 27, 2016
  10. Gary Hickman
    Gary Hickman
    Hickman & Associates, Inc.
  11. Rob M
    Rob M
    Back in the good old US of A and damn glad!
  12. jamie
    For everything under the gun.
  13. wv-stroj
    Still lost in WV.
  14. Lee D
    Lee D
    Under Operating Mode if transmit is enabled on the R6 Base will be an option; other wise it will be hard wired to Rover.
  15. Lee D
    Lee D
    Connect BT to the R6 and hit Connect at the bottom of the Base Data Link config screen
  16. Lee D
    Lee D
    To check you could set up a Survey Style with the R6 as the base and Receiver Internal as the Base Data Link
  17. Lee D
    Lee D
    This 140 character limit is killing me.
  18. Lee D
    Lee D
    There was more than one version of the R6, and I want to say the internal transmit was an option, so probably not.
  19. notmeforsure
    notmeforsure Lee D
    hi Lee! I'd seen your post from several years ago helping with radio's with R8's and you seem like an expert :) Do you think an R6 could transmit internally, or only R8's, and R10s? I have a new R10 as well, and want to try interanl, with an external as a repeater.
  20. southern survey
    southern survey surveythemark
    Dear Sir,
    I am using the Leica TCRP-1201 R300 Total Station with Serier number: 210491 , Art Number: 737471.
    I do not know exactly why my instrument has been removed all Applications. Can you send the Applications or instruct how to reload Applications again for V 1.35 TPS1200?
    Thanks and Regards !