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Surveyor Marc SIT
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Does anyone do surveying/drafting work at home full-time? My wife is gonna take a travel nursing job and we would be moving every 3 to 6 months to a new location in the U.S. I want to still work full-time in the surveying field while we travel but I haven't really heard of surveyors working from home. Does anyone work from full-time home as a CAD/Survey drafter? Are there freelance surveyors out there? I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this idea.

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There's no reason this can't work.  The successful examples I've seen are when a valued employee has to move and the firm would rather not lose him, or when someone heads into semi-retirement.  The firm just has him work at his new location.  So I think your best bet would be to cultivate your existing work relationships and then try to negotiate with them to send it with you on the road.

holy cow
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Been doing it from home for about 32 years, but, I am licensed so am my own boss. (As long as Mrs. Cow is absent.)

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Steven Metelski
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Posted by: holy cow

Been doing it from home for about 32 years, but, I am licensed so am my own boss. (As long as Mrs. Cow is absent.)

I was wondering why you insulted the Mrs. but then I noticed your user name

Brad Ott
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I really like this idea and hope that it works out for you.

Yes, I work from home full time and I love it.  But I also do it all from home too, field work, etc.  and I am not interested in having anyone else do my drafting for me.

But maybe you will find some arrangement with someone that will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Travel is good.


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A Harris
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I've had a home office since I purchased a drafting table while in college and was drafting out of my apartment for an engineer.

Since that time, I've kept a dedicated home office.

Being self employed and working from my present home since licensed in 1987.

My office shoes are usually a pair house slippers, lol.



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I also work from home. Hit the road for the mobile LiDAR/UAS work the process at home. I get to take the kids to school every morning and pick them up when I am in town. It's a big change but so much better than driving to an office only to do what you can from home.


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