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Cad Position in Sun...

Cad Position in Sunny Florida  


Randy Rain
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December 7, 2018 10:37 am  

Tired of the snow? Looking for a change of venue? 

Ghiotto and Associates, a nationally certified land surveying firm located in Jacksonville, FL is currently hiring!

  • Survey CAD Technician: Prepare maps of various surveys including Boundary, Topographic, Route and Right-of-Way surveys. Prepare survey databases using either CAiCE/Microstation software, or Civil 3D/AutoCAD software, process and edit field files, create two and three dimensional design files for client use.
  • Main Duties and Responsibilities:
    Prepares boundary, topography and right-of-way control surveys and right-of-way maps.
    Maintains information pertaining to specific assignments.
    Maintains computer and electronic files according to Ghiotto & Associates company policies.
    Coordinates with Project Manager as to priority and scheduling.
    As needed, runs prints, acquires/orders plats, tax maps and other support material.
    Performs duties in accordance with the Minimum Technical Standards for surveys in the State of Florida
    and incorporates them into the daily activities of the position.
    Processes field files in Caice.
    Performs 2D and 3D editing to insure accuracy and completeness.
    Creates files for delivery to client.
    Creates new field files for data collection.
    Maintains communication with Crew Chief during field location processing and editing.
    Assists and communicates with field crews when needed.
    Maintains F.D.O.T. procedures & standards on appropriate projects.
    Assist in the preparation of construction calculations and construction as-built surveys.
  • Qualifications:
    Minimum of Associates of Science Degree in Surveying Technology or comparable experience.
    Basic knowledge of field surveying methods and procedures.
    Background knowledge in data collection process using electronic total station and data collector with Electronic Field Book Software.
    Knowledge of AutoCADD/Softdesk software and/or Microstation/Geopac software.
    Must be able to read and understand legal descriptions, various deeds,  title searches, recorded plats, engineering plans and various other maps that aid in the preparation of survey drawings.
    Knowledge of or willingness to learn Minimum Technical Standards for surveys in the State of Florida.


If you are interested in applying for this position please respond via e-mail with a letter of interest along with a brief resume' to the following e-mail address:

Please put "Survey Tech" in the subject line and someone from HR will be in contact with you.


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December 7, 2018 10:45 am  

I don't want to hijack, just a question:  What does "nationally certified" mean in "nationally certified land surveying firm"?

A Harris
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December 7, 2018 2:27 pm  


I would think CFEDS covers that.


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December 7, 2018 4:42 pm  

Certified Federal Surveyor is a defined credential, nationally certified firm is not.

The implication is they are certified across the nation. Probably need to think of a more technically correct tag line before the cease and desist letters start rolling in...


Andy J
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December 8, 2018 7:44 am  

Much ado about nothing.    Good luck in your search Randy!

Randy Rain and RADAR liked
Randy Rain
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December 10, 2018 5:28 am  

I apologize for any confusion regarding the "Nationally Certified Surveying Firm" statement. Our letterhead states "Nationally Certified Surveyors and Mappers" and that statement refers to the fact that our employees are encouraged to and for the most part do participate in the Certified Survey Technician (CST) program. So it is our employees, not our firm, that are nationally certified . The incorrect or misleading wording of the OP was my fault. 




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