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Question about Trimble SX10 and sticker targets.  

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Hey all, first time poster here but from what I can tell, this is the place to get some help. 

I work as a carpenter with a concrete crew laying out for footings and bolt patterns. My issue is that by the time the site excavation is complete, MANY of the site staked hubs have been damaged or disturbed. I would like to begin jobs in the future by tying in some sticker targets when I first show up and the hubs are fresh. The thing is with the SX10 (no eyepiece) i feel that after about 60FT i would be BSing myself if i said I could clearly see the crosshairs on a sticker target. I run a Kenai tablet which i think is on the higher end with screen resolution but still, the visual quality degrades quickly the furthur I move from the instrument. I am wondering if there's something I am missing here or if there's a way to use these sticker targets at longer distances.

I hope my vocabulary has been up to your standards and that my question is clear! Thank you all in advance for your help.  Wink  

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The SX10 would be ideal for this style setup.  The camera system will zoom in much closer, and clearer, than a standard 30X instrument.  You would most likely need to run Trimble Access on the Kenai, or possibly the T10 or TSC7.  Your local dealer should be able to demo this for you.

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Welcome to the site! There is a lot of knowledge here.

SX10 has around 80-90X zoom (can't remember exact number). I would think for most, if not all, sites you would be able to fill the screen with the target. What software are you running on the Kenai? If it is Access, you should be able to zoom in while in camera mode.

If you are concerned about the pointing ability, I would recommend turning to each target in sequence, then run back through them again and use the "average observations" function. This will average out any minor variation in your pointing. (If you are up to speed on Access and know how to turn sets, that works even better.) Heck, you could do it half a dozen times and it wouldn't take that long, and it would be well worth it when someone blows out the original control on site and you don't have to worry about it.


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