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Luke J. Crawford
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December 29, 2018 11:34 am  

We use SurvCE & Captivate but recently set control for a concrete contractor on a large university building who was running LayoutPro, my 1st encounter with it. It seemed incedibly easy and intuitive for his tasks. Usually I will give column lines/intersects or pre-planned axis lines for the concrete guys, this foreman says to me "I'm going to walk the site, mark 3 spots I want points then you're going to set rebar, locate them & I'll tell YOU how good you are @ your job" I was taken aback but went with the flow, set the #5x1.5' bars, capped them and spun 4 sets to each from a single point, then set up on each, checked A&D to each other, original station & to a 2nd point in my loop (SurvNet adjusted), everything dead on for all intents. 

He then says to me "ok, give me Up & Out from line A & 1, (sta & off i quickly figured out before asking a question to which he surely would've scoffed). Run what i though was a quick COGO on SurvCE for the Up & Outs, he enters them and checks twice as fast than I extracted and says "Stay here, my guys will be back in a few minutes". I wait with my instrument guy in the job trailer, his guys come in, grab equipment and run out to points and begin checking in a manner that would make Dr. Seuss proud. His guys come back, they chat quick and he says "they found a heavy 32nd of play, better than most of you guys (meaning surveyors)". 

I will say, out of over 150 bolt patterns he has set and I've checked, the worst I've found was .06' out, 90% are ±.02', make sure I always tell him "not bad for you guys".

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