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Georgia - Need a License to do Construction Staking or no?  

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I know in VA the only surveying you can do without a license is construction.

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Just A. Surveyor
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No, but the wording is a bit sketchy and open for various interpretations. So the answer is still NO, if what your doing is not tied to a boundary otherwise it MIGHT be YES. A lot of construction outfits get several control points set by a PLS to avoid any issues. 

But if I was King for a day I would change that and remove the ambiguous wordings.

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I worked for a major construction company with a regional office in Peachtree without any licensed surveyors on staff.  I've only known 1 or 2 licensed surveyors that work construction, and they were surveying in construction far before they ever got their license.  If you're talking about on your own, unlicensed, I don't know the GA law on that.  But would suggest dotting your "I"s and crossing your "T"s, CYA, maybe even have a lawyer look over the contract before you sign.  Project Managers are well known for shafting the surveyor at the end of the project.

Andy Bruner
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As the former head of the surveying department for an engineering company I can tell you we worked with several companies that staked for construction but had no licensed surveyors on staff.  To be quite honest a couple of them were better at construction staking than almost all the licensed people I knew.  Those I often gave copies of field notes and coordinate files so they could recover any control that got destroyed.  BUT, they were never setting any property corners.