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Captivate vs Icon site  

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Anyone else using Leica ICR70 with icon site sofware. Just switched from TS16/captivate into Icon. First frustrations are that Icon doesnt support 2 face measurements and measuring range to reflective tape is poor compared to captivate.

Some features are better on Icon like staking lines. You can pick lines on the fly from the map to be staked. In captivate you have to go backwards and pick a line, accept etc...

So anyone else using Icon site with ICR? Would like some feedback comparing to captivate or even smartworx.

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We use the iCon software on Toughpads with the 60 series total stations at the construction company I work for.  I grew up on Geodimeter/Trimble so it was a bit of a change a year and half ago switching to this.  It's a great software for what it's intended to be used for and that's construction layout.  It's not made for surveyors doing control networks and boundaries that's for sure.  If it had features like traversing and multiple face measuring, it would be the ultimate software.  I love having the visuals.  I'm not real fond of the servo driven TS and passive tracking prism either.  This software (w/survey features), a mag-drive S-series Trimble and active tracking 360 prism would be my favorite setup.

I don't have any experience with Captivate or SmartWorx.

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It has two face measurements now. Guess the new release is pretty darn good, but I haven't seen it yet.  

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ICON is perfect for construction layout. Captivate is made for a Surveyor doing a diverse range of things. 

Two face measurements is an add-on module that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars. The only thing l, that might be important depending on what you do, would be the lack of a traverse app.  

Reflectorless measurements have to do with hardware (total station) only. The ICR has the same EDM that is in the green machines. The software shouldn't be the cause of any reflectorless issues.