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Z+F Imager 5010X Scanner Set FOR SALE  

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Z+F Imager 5010X Scanner Set FOR SALE

Recently re-calibrated Z+F Imager 5010X laser scanner set for sale.
The scanner set is located in Perth, Western Australia.
Full set comprises the following parts and software.

- Z+F Imager 5010X Laser Scanner
- Z+F T-Cam
- Z+F Smart Light
- Z+F Targets set (all extras)
- Z+F Rechargeable Batteries (extras)
- Z+F Laser Control Office Professional
- Z+F Laser Control Sout Software
- Z+F Factory Calibration Certificate
- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet
- Extra Pelican Cases, as well as original cases.
- Plus Many other scanner accessories.

Please email for price and further information -