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Leica MS60  


Jason Graves
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February 13, 2018 8:09 am  

I am considering selling my Leica MS60 due to it being under-used and under-utilized. I have had it since May of 2016 and have used used it around 24-30 times. It is in excellent shape and has the Captivate Version 2.20 on it. The collector and the instrument both have 2 batteries that hold a good charge. The data collector also has the disto-meter built into it, so it could be used with GPS. Hard cases for both.  The charger is a 4 battery charger that holds all 4 batteries. Prism is the Leica GRZ122 (+23.1mm offset). Survey pole is the GLS112 (the 12 foot model).


Is there any interest for this anywhere? It is hard to find a fair market value for it as I cannot find any for sale. I found one MS50 on ebay for $42,000 but the MS60 is a pretty big step up from the MS50.



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