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CST Berger 302R Total Station  

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Looking to unload our backup total station. This has seen a grand total of maybe 30 days in the field.  We use robotics for 95% of our work, and we have always had Conventional topcon total stations for some other work. This total station wasn't owned by the company, but instead by me personally. My father in-law worked for CST Berger and got this for me.  It's in great shape.  Comes with 3 batteries, charger and case.  It can be hooked up to a data collector using a standard topcon style cable.  It uses the same protocols as a Topcon GPT series station.  We have used it with Survey Pro with absolutely no problems.  

I used this myself to survey my in-laws property and had to run a good size traverse and this thing closed just as tight as our Topcon GM series would.  Really a nice machine.

It's the 302R, so it's a two second reflectorless station.  It has a built in sensor for temperature and pressure, so you never need to manually change it.  It really is a sturdy, well built station.  I had it cleaned and calibrated at Maine Technical Source, and the technician pulled me aside to tell me he thought very highly of it.  He generally isn't much of a talker, so take that for what you will.  This would be an excellent station for someone looking to get a quality station at a lower price. 


I'm not truly sure what to ask as a price. MSRP was something silly like $8000 and I know places like tigersupplies sold them for about $4500 or so.  I'm not looking for anything near those numbers. Message me to discuss pricing.

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Is the 302R still available? The RPLS I work for has been relying on an ancient Pentax PTSV 2 for septic topo work because it has built-in computation of elevations. Unfortunately, it got knocked over by a tractor trailer and the laser is slightly out of alignment so you have to turn off the target to get the beam to hit it and give a distance. It's too old to be serviced any more and it's kind of a nuisance to use. I have no idea of the capabilities of the 302R, but it sounds like it might be a possible replacement.

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