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Cane Poles / Bamboo

Cane Poles / Bamboo  

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Daniel Ralph
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10/05/2018 9:21 am  

I understand that running bamboo always has the ridge along its stem. Clumping has round stems.

Dan Moehrke, PLS

Just A. Surveyor
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10/05/2018 12:31 pm  

I know nothing of the clumping or running varieties but I occassionally run into patches that I fully expect a scene from Chinese movie to be innwork. This stuff can get big. There is a fairly good sized stand a few miles from home and when I need some I go get it. I stay away from the huge ones though.

Steven Provenson
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James Vianna
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12/03/2019 4:01 pm  
Posted by: bherpin

 I'm looking for another cane pole distributor for marsh surveys. My guy down in Houma, LA is out right now as his are hung up in customs on the west coast. Does anyone know of a place along the gulf coast I could get a few bundles of cane poles? 

okay this might be a year late but i just saw Gemplers carries up to 10' poles

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13/03/2019 5:12 am  

Thanks but 10’ would be too short for marsh work. The ones I’m currently using are 18’.

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