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Another request for a manual and/or parts for an HP 3820A Total Station  


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23/02/2019 11:05 am  

Looking for any info on the 3820A total station, including a manual (since I have none and cannot find one). A good quality pdf file would suffice. As you can guess, this is just for a collection of older items ( I have some WWII German Theodolites, and a very strange English dual eyepiece unit for WWI for tracking the launching of enemy shells using sound). If you have a 3820A that is broken and you wish to sell it as is for parts, please let me know. I have only done some early training on a Topcon unit and am not a Professional Surveyor as of yet. I am not sure of the posting rules if I should leave a personal email address, but mine is [email protected] Thanks much.

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