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There are some clients...  

Nate The Surveyor
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That if you got the job, you were either the fastest, or cheapest, or both. So, if you get that job... Check your business model! It's probably out of date. 😉 

One smoked turkey leg, at the county fair costs 10$. Just Sayin'!


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Are they buy a whole Turkey for $25 smoke it and eat all week. 

A Harris
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......that when they hire you believe that they are your boss and decide when and/or where and/or what and/or why your work schedule is and have no consideration of the fact that you have your own life and schedule and that it is their turkey and don't share any of that with you.

The fact that they hire you does not include their help in any way including relaying any information of their ownership or any other facts about the land or turkey that they know or have in their possession.


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