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Inflating Invoice  

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If the seller pays for an inspection or survey, doesn't that make the property more marketable?  Then a buyer doesn't need to get one.

Dave Karoly
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Every buyer wants their own home inspection.

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Many times I prefer to be paid at closing, especially on existing tracts and I am up front with the Client. I struggle with the local perception of value of the Survey for the standard lay person around here and more often than not, I am faced with the "This is far too expensive for a sheet of paper" argument. Yes, there is a small chance that the transaction will not close, however, I have not had any issues with it. I have a good relationship with the Title Companies I work with regularly and once they have my invoice in their hands, I am nearly guaranteed that the invoice will be paid, even if that payment is delayed. For some reason, Clients don't argue much with the title folks. I have only been forced to file one lien that I can remember in the 10 years I have been licensed.

Paid on/at Closing or not, the temptation to omit some fact from the face of the survey is a question of ethics. I have a duty not only to my Client, but also to all of those other interested parties that fall under the category of "The Public". More often than not, whatever encroachment or other conditions I come across ends up either as an exception in the Title Commitment that everyone else ignores...including the lender...or there is a resolution of some sort. Sometimes that resolution involves additional work for me (i.e. working up a variation/exception, or providing a lot line adjustment or plat/replat).

I can think of a project several years ago where the Client was made aware of a significant possible encroachment of the home they were trying to sell onto an adjacent property. They were provided the survey showing the condition and chose not to share it with the neighbor, they then proceeded to refuse to pay for the survey, and changed realtors. Funny enough, the title folks called me some time later to inquire about the likelihood of an outstanding invoice, which I provided, and all of a sudden we were paid. My guess is that the Realtors "spidey senses" started tingling, or another Realtor filled them in,  I never asked.

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The "payment at closing" deal is illegal for surveyors in Florida World.  😎  

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Received two checks.  One from title company, few days later from the client.

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