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I just need one side staked  

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David H
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I've been in business now for about 2 weeks, while working my full time job. I have had my website setup; my google ad is bringing attention to my site. Thus far, I have had 10 people contact me for surveys. I did further investigation having a friend call around town to get some quotes, while I was doing his survey. One surveyor was close to my quote, and another wanted $300 for a "stake survey" plus a $100 if he needed to reset a corner. I was shocked.  Knowing this information it is not surprising the clients in my area are asking for "one side" surveys. 

I was taught a survey meant that you located the entire parcel. Further than that you located the government corners ( if applicable), and then located surrounding parcels to support your findings. I'm constantly educating prospective clients that regardless of whomever surveyor quoted you this absurdly low price, I cannot in good practice provide you with a "stake survey" of a certain lot line.  I need to conduct a full and complete certified survey, as I am legally bound/tied to that work for the remainder of my career.  Performing a "survey of one line" is not helpful, as without a certified survey there is nothing of legally binding. 

Sorry for the rant fellas. It's been a rough week of answering phone calls and emails. But at least they are pouring in! I just need to up my salesmanship. 

Does anyone have a different / better way of informing the public?

Thanks in advance.


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Just A. Surveyor
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Don't justify or go overboard explaining the details because they don't care about the details.

Give them a price to do a proper job and once again don't wring your hands in anguish justifying your fee. You do not have to explain your fee.

Edit: maybe consider having an extra charge applied if you have to work in a yard with dog [potty mouth] or step in dog [potty mouth].

Peter Ehlert
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One line, one point, whatever they want. I see no problem with that.
Is it just to determine where their new construction will be, and they don't really care about the rest? Strike up a conversation and see what they are up to. Nobody "wants a survey", but they Need one. Find out why.

Up-sell if you can, maybe one line would be 80% of the cost of the whole property. Scratch your head and decide.
Of course you need to abide by your mapping and filing requirements, whatever they may be.


not to say that sometimes you do need to figure out the whole damned neighborhood to find "that one line".


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Good point. Communication! Find out exactly what they need and give them an honest price.

I've done hundreds of existing one line surveys and never have never had to bring my hands.


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Nate The Surveyor
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1295 to survey whole lot.

1225 just one line...

party chef
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I had a family friend explain that she had one side of her lot Surveyed for $1,200 and then decided to have the other side done as well, she was a little perturbed that the same Surveyor wanted $1,400 to do it but he was the lowest available price so she went with it. The whole time she was telling me the story I was admiring the Surveyors pricing schedule.

Residential lot in Berkeley California for context on the pricing.



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