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I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the county officials yesterday. Good guy, very helpful, then he dropped a surprising factoid on me. Seems county planners around the state have a burr under their saddle about subdivision exemptions. 

I'm not sure why, the one that really gets them going is the family exemption. They hate that one. So they are forming a group to try and get the subdivision laws rewritten to exclude that one and possibly more of them. The list isn't long, off the top of my head without looking it up, cemeteries, family exemption, public highway right-of-ways, mortgage deeds, utilities, boundary line adjustments, court decrees. I'm probably missing one or two, I know after the family exemption they dislike the mortgage deeds most. Those two seem to be the ones they want to eliminate. They would probably also like to get rid of the cemeteries and court decrees but no doubt don't want that fight. 

It's a weird situation, the only thing I can think of that causes their dislike is push back from certain groups that seem to monitor everything. Just try and get a rezoning through in the Ag. zone. 


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