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Accounting Software Woes  

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I've been on Quickbooks Pro for almost 20 years.  You can get a desktop version so you don't need the online if you don't want that.  Its $220 or so but I usually go 2 or 3 years between upgrades.  For me its worth it just to be able to  download bank accounts etc.  You can also scan in receipts if you want to.  I'm fairly basic, it will probably do a lot more than I've used ( i do have three different simple business but all under me as owner, finally got rid of all the LLC's and such).  I don't do any payroll so that makes things simpler.

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I have been using Medlin. com software for many years.  My Brother, who ran a bookkeeping service got me started.  Up until now I have used an accountant for my tax return.  The accountant accepts Medlin.  IRS accepts Medlin.  I use payroll and accounting.  I do not use accounts receivable, because I do not track accounts receivable. You can try Medlin without paying, unless you like it.  It it saleable, just buy the part you want.

John Putnam
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I've been using Quickbooks Premier for 20 years now and would love to find something else.  The problem is that they seem to have a monopoly on the market.  My accountant has the same feeling, he once mentioned that every time he finds a better software, Intuit buys them out and kills it.

I use it for everything from cost estimates to invoicing.  My main problem with them is the database access.  First, when I had a gaggle of employees, some of whom needed access to various part of the program, everyone had to have Premier to access the database.  And don't get me started about the lack of support for our one Mac user.  Next, the customized reporting is terrible.  Try getting a report an invoices paid in given year sorted by state.  I understand that the Enterprise version be better at it but I'm not going to pay as much for my accounting software annually as I do for my C3D.

As @hpalmer pointed out, the price for payroll is out of control.   I found another online solution, 'esmartpaycheck' which works great and e-files tax for about $50 buck a year.

Jim Frame
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you might try creating a "new" company in Peachtree, bring your balances forward for 01-Jan-2019 and see if it works

I thought of that initially, but since I had the same problem with a test company I had set up years ago (and thus was barely used, containing few entries) I didn't explore that idea.  However, last night I decided to give it a try, and when I tried to import the job list from the broken company the import choked, noting that it couldn't find a certain file (I forget the name).  I looked in the company folder and verified that the file wasn't there, so I opened one of the daily backups from late last year, copied the file from there to the current company folder, and *voila* it worked!

I think I'll try to run both Peachtree and Wave side-by-side for awhile to see if I want to make the transition badly enough to get used to Wave, but it's nice to have the familiar user interface available again.

Thanks, Shelby!

Shelby H. Griggs PLS
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@jim-frame glad my idea worked or gave clue to what might be wrong.


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