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Hello. I was just recently made aware i could request a survey to identify ticks around my home, but i don't know where to begin finding out information on that. 

A quick back story ... 2 new neighbors refuse to cut their grass and i believe that's why my 2 dogs and my husband have been bitten by ticks and contracted lyme.  I'm in the process of trying to have them warned to maintain grass as well as trying to see where they are around my home.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know any of my colleagues who perform tick surveys. Perhaps you need an entomologist? What state are you in?

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You might wish to inquire with your local Board of Health to find if there are any regulations on controlling lyme disease.


A tick survey would best be made by your County Agent or Veterinarian or some local Pest Control company.

If  you are talking about a small city lot, consider pest control spraying to eliminate the ticks.

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That would not be something a land surveyor would do. The term "survey" is widely used for other activities and such  misunderstandings happen. As others have noted you should contact the county health office or other county office.

Best wishes for a resolution to your issue.


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