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WA Homeowner looking for advice  

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I am licensed in Washington and used to mediate boundary issues. There are some very good points on this thread but this situation is beyond survey questions.

Get yourself an attorney.



I like all the suggestions above. I'd even be in favor of you doing some metal detecting, with a 100' tape in the neighborhood. Remember, distances are always horizontal. 

Then, hire a surveyor. Tell him what you did. Since its YOU who has to pay the surveyor, lawyer, and landscape repairman, you will have a better feel for all the issues. Also, well mark the corners, by adding steel fence posts. Or such like. Place the post near, but not touching the monuments. A few inches away, and on the line.

Also, you REALLY will want a lawyer that truly enjoys boundary law, and such. Check with several lawyers. You need one you can work well with. Also, surveyors. Get one that likes court. Discuss which lawyer, with the surveyor, and discuss which surveyor, with the lawyer. You are the one who is paying. Make sure you know all you can, before taking off on this trip.



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Yep, getting as much info as I can before I go making any claims. I ran a line and all it told me was that it was being deflected by the trunks that are still standing, suggestions for establishing a plane through the other trunks are appreciated. I have some T posts I can set, good suggestion.



Cut them trees, then you can tape it!



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