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Does anyone know in NC, if there is anything that states where a property should be platted/recorded. The owner says that their property line runs along the center line of the road, and not along the right of way.  They said it is because they own the piece across the road too.  I can't find anything that states where the property line should be.  Most people record it along the right of way.

Any insight as to why most surveyors show the property line as a heavy black line on the right of way instead of the centerline of the roadway, even on rural roads? it is the way I see most plats however this has been challenged by a particular individual.

First what kind of road are we taking about here, is it a highway, rural road, dirt or grass road, city street, county road,etc...

on a rural road.

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It would probably depend upon the purpose of the road, whether rural or state highway.

Mostly, any land included in a state highway or interstate is surface rights only and does not necessarily include mineral ownership.


There are three main situations for roads. 

You may own to the center of the road as part of your parcel, with the public having an easement for the right of way. Around here this is the most common form for rural roads that have been there from early days.  The easement area is usually deducted from the tax bill.

You may own to the edge of the ROW with reversionary rights up to the center should the road be abandoned.  This is very common with residential streets, which will probably never be abandoned.

The government entity may have acquired and own the land entirely (fee simple).  This is particularly true for newly built large highways.

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For what it’s worth, here in Maryland, unless specifically stated otherwise, title extends to centerline of the road. All calls in a description such as “thence running with the road” are assumed to run with the centerline.

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