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[Solved] Ongoing Survey  

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We are still waiting for either surveyor to get back to us. It has been almost a week now, so Tuesday afternoon I am going to try and followup if I haven't received a response yet.

I did have a question. Is there a way to locate the neighbor's "legal survey" if that is what they got? 

Also, is it normal practice or possible to only survey and mark one property line and place a new pin in the road based on that? We have cameras facing the whole back area and no one ever went to the other two corners or the neighbors property during their survey. They also aren't marked. A few surveyors told us when we were calling around they would have to do an entire survey, not just a partial. I'm a little confused on this part.

We have been trying to avoid the neighbor when he is outside, but it makes it hard when you have animals to take care of... I'll spare the details, but praying that we get word back from one or both of our surveyors soon! We also have a lot of livestock on the back of the property, so we will need to move the chain link in on our property even more to get hay to the back of the property if these markers are correct. I want to get to work as soon as possible if we end up having to do as such.

My surveyor mentioned that we didn't want to have to get attorneys and judges involved unless we have to, so I'm really wondering if there isn't an overlap on deeds or some other issue that I'm not aware of. It seems like he wants to thoroughly discuss it with the other surveyor before letting us know all the details of what is going on.

I'll also post deeds and whatnot this week to see if it is any help in anyone's opinions.

Thanks to you professionals so much for taking the time to make me understand this stuff so much better. I really really do appreciate it!

Some states, like the 2  I practice in (Oregon/Washington) have "recording laws". Survey boundary maps have to be recorded. They are public record. Your state (Indiana) isn't one of them.  But you should still be able to get, at least, a look at the map if there is one. And a thorough explaination.

A lawyer is not appropriate at this time. He would only hire a surveyor of his own. You have the right profession on the job. Maybe lawyer later , but not now.


Were you able to arrive at a satisfactory resolution?


I just read through this old thread also and it's now leaving me hanging in suspense! I grew up and was formally educated in Indiana in this fine art of Surveying but I moved to Missouri upon graduation close to 20 years ago.  One thing I do remember is that Indiana requires a beautiful surveyor's report to be attached to their surveys.  It's to explain everything they did and why.  I'd be curious as to the contents of the reports for both sides of the line.  One thing I find curious is her picture of a "monument" in the road.  It's a mag nail which can't be used a boundary monument in Missouri.  I'm reading in the IN min. standards that a mag nail is acceptable though.  We just run into the problem of land owners thinking your control points are their property corners or points on line ever so often.  Even as stealth as you think you left them, they'll find them and tell you that your survey is all jacked!


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