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I got alot of information on my last post, but I think I need to break down the questions with focus solely on the surveyor map as this is where I am struggling to understand.

1- Is it possible for 2 different SIZED  properties to have the same exact measurements?

2- Do surveyor's take into consideration the size of other lots if they are doing a  survey and making their map?

3- Why would a surveyor give the same measurements on their map for different size properties?

Thank you!

2 Answers

If by size you mean area, the other thread clearly stated that area is not a primary concern in most boundary determination.

For size meaning lengths, it would be possible for two lots to have the same lengths but different areas or vice versa if they were not exactly rectangular or otherwise the same shape. 

If a monument is missing between lots, a surveyor will usually set a replacement by proportion between found reliable monuments on nearby lots, rather than by exact measurement from a single lot's description.  Measurements may not come out the same values every time, particularly if the crew that set the original monuments were not careful about all the precautions needed to tape on sloping ground or in vegetation. So two lots may both be a little bigger or smaller than described and proportion is the fairest way to divide them when their common monument is missing.


If I remember correctly, you have a corner Lot and your neighbor has an interior lot. Corner lots sometimes are larger to account for the street on the side of the Lot which interior lots do not have. Therefore the overall width of the corner lots is larger but the useable width is the same. So yes it is possible the measured widths are the same. Sometimes Surveyors dimension from the right of way line to the Lot line.

It is not possible to determine exactly why the survey shows what it shows without seeing the original subdivision Plat and a legible copy of the survey.

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