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Hi guys,

I have set up a Leica GS10/15 base and I believe I have all my connections right but,my base is tracking zero(0) satellites. The rover however does track satellites...Is there something I might not be doing right?



  •  make sure the antenna wire is connected properly. If you have another cable swap it out.
  • go into the controller that is connected to the base and make sure that you are tracking at least the GPS constellation. There is a checkbox for this under Sattelite Tracking
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Thanks Josh. I managed to get an antenna(AX1202) and a cable from another crew. I did a setup with this new antenna and it's tracking the satellites fine.It turns out my AS10 antenna isn't working.

Is there something(a Firmware upgrade,etc) that can be done aside replacing the antenna?

Javad GNSS

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