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Leica GS 14 (Co ordinates system)  



HI there

I am pretty much new to leica GPS system in particular the GS 14 and the CS15 controller. For the pass couple of months I have  been only using the one step localization method for small projects less the 6km in dia. I am about to under go a 40km road topographic survey . i am seeking knowledge as to the best approach i should use to execute this project with he GS 14 and also tying back to the island national local grid.The island is using the 1955 British west indies co ordinates system.

Question;  When i am setting up the base, should i step up on a know point or an unknown anywhere point and then tie back to the local grid? or should i observe over a point static data logging , received correction from opus and then start the survey from that point?

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