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[Solved] Hello From Upstate NY with a specific question  




Against my better judgment, I've been mixing it up with flat earthers who have colonized YouTube.  Along the way I came across people who used the Dioptra cell phone app to take pictures from airplane windows to show the horizon below eye level or zero degree elevation.  So I downloaded the app with the long term goal of taking such a picture from the top of Maine's Cadillac mountain in August.  

But when I did a test shot from Steward Park in Ithaca, NY -- which I have attached/inserted--it shows the water going ABOVE the zero degree line.  Is this because of a flaw in the app?  Or do I just no understand what I am seeing?  Either way, this forum seemed the place to ask, so I decided to check.  And for the record, I am not a flat Earther.  Thank you.  


1 Answer

Your readings will only be as accurate as the phone is capable of.

Some apps have a calibration routine and others do not.

Thank you.

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