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Hello all!  I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.  My husband is looking to go back to school so he can get his land surveying license.  He is a project manager with a residential home builder, for the past 13 years.  He needs to be able to continue to work while he gets his degree, but everywhere we look for online programs they don't seem to be accredited by ABET.  Can anyone help point us in the right direction?  We were hoping to find an online program, but are open to suggestions as long as he can maintain his current job.  Thanks so much!

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I am not aware of any online programs that are ABET accredited.  PSU has a 4 year program at their Wilkes Barre Campus, Penn College has a 2 year program, both are currently accredited.


Try Idaho State University. They have a 4 year online where you have local Surveyors do your labs with you.



The University of Maine just announced offering an on-line degree.

Online SVT – we need your help (we are there)!

The College of Engineering hired an outside specialist in analysis of market analysis of degrees to verify the suitability of an online BS degree in SVT. The analysis was a resounding yes the degree should exist!

A proposal was approved by the Provost at the urging of the Dean of the College of Engineering including the promise of an additional SVT tenure track faculty position starting fall 2019. Note nothing will change with our traditional classes. The online BS degree takes advantage of E tuition (instate tuition * 1.25) for all out of state students. If you know of someone who needs surveying education please pass this information on to them. Online classes for fall ’18 and spring ’19 along with other information on the online BS degree are at

At the search function at type in the course (SVT 110) and you will get the description.


Awesome!  I’ll look into those!  Thanks for your help!  We were getting so frustrated tying to make something work!!  Thank you for all your input!


Great Basin College was on track to get ABET.  Contact Byron to see the status.  The whole program is online and accepted by most states (NM accepted it and NM is one of the hardest to get a license)

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I think Texas A&M ticks all the boxes:


Why is being ABET so important? I went to TAMUCC which is ABET, however I do not think the Bachelorette degree is offer online, but I could be wrong. If your husband goal is get a Surveyor License, ABET is not necessary.  

A bachelor's degree is offered online from TAMUCC. ABET is important in some states if you want to be sure they'll accept your degree.

Having an ABET degree can shorten the experience time required for licensure vs. a non-ABET education.

From what I understand and read, PA requires the school to be accredited by ABET in order to sit for your tests.  I could be wrong though and would pleasantly surprised if I was.  But, from everything I read, the degree needs to be from an ABET certified school.


FrozenNorth, all I could find was Online courses are occasionally offered at the discretion of the Program. I know the Master's program in an online program.

Yep, you're right. My mistake.