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Geomax Zenith 35 Base not getting started on "known Point" Setup  



Dear Members

We are facing an issue with my Geomax Zenith35. We are working on UTM. When we try to start our base on internal or external radio with "Known Point" after putting the coordinates of our known point where our Base has been fixed we start base it shows the message on Xpad Survey Screen "Base started Successfully" but TX LED of Base antenna and External Radio does not start blinking.

But when we start base as "Measure here" it starts successfully and both antenna and external radio start blinking which means base has been started successfully.

Kindly help me to get this issue fixed.

We are using X-pad Survey Field Software with Geomax Zenith 35 Pro Base and Rover.

Thanks in advance.

I have seen issues where the known point values are entered in the wrong datum, units or syntax.
Compare a screenshot of a here position with the known point values. It could be as simple as missing a negative sign or hemisphere designation.
Good luck, Tom

1 Answer

I can't answer the issue, but offer suggestions.

1. Check help files, search online, talk to your equipment dealer.

2. Assuming that you are using base and rover RTK.  Place your base in best position on site, and then calibrate/localise with the rover onto known mark(s), and survey from there.  

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