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date on elevation c...

date on elevation certificate  



has anyone had planning. recording departments ask about certificate date that has passed.

doesn't bother me but, around midlands of South carolina, they are so intense, i know this has to do with recent floods and what the county persons say is an increase in audit data requested by FEMA.

just wondering

2 Answers

I'm not certain what you are getting at here. Are you taking about the date the surveyor placed on the cert with his seal and signature, the date of the certification? If so, I don't know why there would be a question about the cert from that stand point. FEMA may be looking for certs that weren't accurate, or perhaps looking at actual water elevation in a given event vs the published BFE.


FEMA is trying to validate their models through measurements of actual events here in NC.


I think he is referring to the expiration date of the form itself.  It overruns its expiration date every cycle.

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