Visit the RPLS Today's Exhibit Booth at the 2020 LSAW Conference

Visit the RPLS Today Exhibit Booth at the 2020 LSAW Conference

Are you attending the 2020 Land Surveyors Association of Washington Conference from February 26-28, 2020? RPLS Today will be there, too! We’d like to invite you to come see us at the exhibit booth. will officially launch its beta Founders Plan at the LSAW Conference, with an official announcement at the first day’s luncheon. is a service that makes setting up a website for your Land Surveying business easy, affordable, and loaded with great features. All you have to do is tell us about your company, choose a template, and you’ll have a website up and running in minutes. You can then freely edit the pages we’ve already constructed for you with a good start on written content and imagery. Also included at launch time is a contact form, quote request form, services manager, and projects portfolio. And there’s more on the way!

The Founders Plan will be available for a limited time at a special LSAW discounted price to help us kick it off. There will be an affordable monthly plan that will include all features at launch time plus all future features as long as you maintain your subscription. Optionally, you can choose to sign-up for a lifetime Founders Plan — pay once and get an all-access pass to your account without ever having to pay for hosting again. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us get an initial blast of funding so we can continue to build and market this great new service. The lifetime Founders Plan will be available in limited numbers and for a limited time.

RPLS Today will be represented at the exhibit booth, so come on by and say hi. Maybe there will be an opportunity for an impromptu BeerLegger at a nearby pub? Let’s get together and figure that out. We hope to see you there!

For more information about the 2020 LSAW Conference, click here.

LSAW Conference 2020

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That sounds awesome Wendell!
We can surely put something together, Wednesday night, at the Draft Sports Bar.
See all y’all there!

Warren Smith

Anybody up for Thursday night?


Thursday is the night of the banquet; but I’m sure we can find time for an adult beverage or 2…


Posted by: @wendell
See you on Wednesday morning!

Looking forward to it!
I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It’s an hour drive from Puyallup…


An hour from Puyallup? I think that might be a bit optimistic. The Californians keep moving here.


Yeah, I guess you’re right:

1 h 22 min (67.4 miles)

via WA-167 N, I-405 N and I-5 N

Fastest route, despite the usual traffic

I was being optimistic. I’m goig to give it 2 hours, just to be safe…

20200226 133009

There’s real people in that booth 
It was great meeting Wendell and Angel!
Looking forward to the beerlegger tonight!
See you all there…


@dougie I should have flown down for it.  Maybe next year. 


Next year we’ll be in Vancouver (WA), but that will be closer to Wendell and Angel and maybe easier to get in and out of PDX. 
Would be great to see you again! Hope you can make it!

Warren Smith

Me, Angel, Wendell, and Jon Stahl.

20200227 174304
holy cow

For Angel’s benefit.  I am reminded of a fraction of some saying that includes, ” a rose amongst the thorns”.


Aww…Yer so sweet, you give me a toothache. 🙂 ❤️ 🌼 



A Few of my pics from the LSAW…. (Angels View!) 😇

Emerald City. Welcome Arch. Wendell Setting Up. Angel manning the booth. Fancy Instrument. Radar & Angel.
Fountains, Orcas, Salmon Spearing, Waterfall, and flowers all on the Casino property. 🌺 

2020 02 24 15.40.41 2

2020 02 25 14.32.25

2020 02 25 13.21.19

2020 02 26 12.40.12 2

IMG 20200226 142817

IMG 20200226 132944  01


IMG 20200227 145254  01

IMG 20200227 145904  01

IMG 20200227 145633  01

Waterfall at Casino

Yellow FLower At Casino

Crocus at Casino

Pinkish FLower at Casino

Few More Misc. Pics…
For some reason they didn’t upload in the last post. 🙄

Trout Fish at Cabelas.

RPLS TODAY Banner & Our Booth.

Conference Podium. Me Observing Wendell From Podium.

Conference Room Before Humans. Lunch Day One!

Killer Coffee. $100 a gallon!!  Baby Jelly!!!

Elephant Stamp For Surveyors Visiting Our Booth. Beautiful Brass PlumbBob.

IMG 20200227 150940  01


2020 02 25 12.59.55

2020 02 25 13.59.44

2020 02 25 14.00.50

2020 02 25 14.02.15

2020 02 25 14.03.04

2020 02 26 12.03.49

IMG 20200228 093848  01

Mini Jellies

Elephant Confetti

Plumbob Gold




Great to see you two! Enjoy your adventure.
Lots of Beerleg regulars there as well…


I got good booty at the conference 
Thanks LSAW!

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Mark Mayer

Posted by: @dougie
Next year we’ll be in Vancouver (WA)

Presumably at the Hilton, 6 blocks from my office. Hmmm… might be an off year for the PLSO.


There was some discussion about a joint meeting with the PLSO, but I think they said PLSO was already committed to something else…

A. Sellman

Shucks, I done missed the RPLS Today booth… SHAME ON ME. How did I ever fail to do so?? Hopefully I don’t get banned from here because of it-

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