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NSPS + NGS + RPLS Today = GPS on BM

NSPS Surveyors Week 2018 Banner

Join other RPLS Today members during 2018 National Surveyors Week by participating in the NOAA National Geodetic Survey’s “GPS on Bench Marks” program! By participating, you are providing valuable data to NGS for the next GEOID18 hybrid geoid model as well as the 2022 Transformation Tool.

Here’s a snippet from the NOAA NGS website:

Help improve the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) by participating in the GPS on Bench Marks (GPS on BM) campaign. Your efforts will support the following objectives:

  • Improve the next hybrid geoid model, GEOID18
  • Improve the 2022 Transformation Tool , which will enable conversions to the new vertical datum in 2022 and be integrated into the NGS Coordinate Converstion and Transformation Tool (NCAT); and
  • Help the local surveying community.


For more information, please visit: https://rplstoday.com/community/gnss-geodesy/surveyors-week-march-18-24-2018-gps-on-bm/

Thank you to StLouisSurveyor for starting this discussion!



Wendell was a Land Surveyor for 26 years, then moved on to building websites for his second career. But he never lost sight of the surveying community and the other disciplines related to surveying. He's purposely stayed involved in the surveying industry because he has always been — and will continue to be — a Land Surveyor at heart.



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Shrikant Guthe

Hi, would love to know more about this event, we are a cad drafting company in usa let us know can we able to participate in the event.


This article, authored by NGS staff, was posted last evening and will appear in the April print issue of xyHt also.http://www.xyht.com/surveying/gpsonbm2018/


The links pretty much explain it.  However, if anyone else in your area (Miramar FL?) is working on it, teaming up or coordinating might be beneficial.If you have GPS equipment to do 4+ hour static L1/L2/P measurements you can submit OPUS-S submissions on local bench marks.If not, you can help by finding bench marks on the priority list and submitting condition reports (condition is how well it is holding its position, not cosmetics), along with updates for the to-reach instructions.  If the data sheet has only coordinates scaled from a map, you can submit handheld recreational-grade (HH2) or mapping-grade (HH1)… Read more »

Glenn Breysacher


The hotlink to this page in your email reminder is broken.


The Pennsylvania College of Technology chapter of the PSLS recently participated in the GPS on Benchmarks program.We observed the “Scenic” benchmark along highway US 15 south of Williamsport PA.




Looks like a great one to do.I was initially worried when I saw the triangle symbol, as most triangulation stations don’t have good elevation data and that would mean it wouldn’t be useful for GPSonBM.  But I see on the data sheet it is a traverse station that has been leveled through, so all is well.  First order, even.https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_mark.prl?PidBox=lz1629I don’t see your share solution on the site yet.   Hope it processes well.

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