RPLS Today's Facebook Page Reaches 20K Likes

RPLS Today’s Facebook Page Reaches 20K Likes

Due to a recent surge in internet traffic to RPLS Today and all of its social network pages, our Facebook page reached over 20,000 likes over the weekend. Our Facebook presence is growing faster than ever with no signs of slowing down or stopping.

In addition to the fantastic Facebook growth, our website has recently grown to over 8,000 registered members. Our other social endeavors are doing quite well also — our LinkedIn group has over 7,800 members, while our Twitter account has over 4,100 followers.

The increase in traffic can be mostly attributed to a recent website update over Thanksgiving weekend. The update has improved the visibility of the Community Forums and news posts, as shared on Facebook and other social networks. The shared posts now include better formatting and improvements to the underlying SEO-related code.

The update hasn’t been without issues, however, but further updates in the near future will be implemented to rectify the highest priority issues. We’ll continue to work on future updates to clear up any other remaining issues and to add new features.

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James Fleming
2 years ago

while our Twitter account has over 4,100 followers134 if you don’t count the Russian or [email protected]#n bots.   ? 

James Fleming
2 years ago

Posted by: Wendell

Posted by: James Fleming134 if you don’t count the Russian or [email protected]#n bots.   ? 

haha you funneh

Admit it, when the first [email protected]$n bot followed you your first thought was “it’s true, hot chicks really do dig surveyors”

2 years ago
Shrikant Guthe
2 years ago

It’s nice to hear the same.

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