Are You Getting Pelted With POB Notifications?

Are You Getting Pelted With POB Notifications?

If you’ve been getting a bunch of notification emails from the “RPLS Network”, you aren’t alone.But before I help you understand what these are and make them stop, let me say this:


When receiving email notifications, it is important that you accurately identify the origin prior to jumping to conclusions. I’ve received several emails today complaining that we are sending far too many notifications to you. Let me iterate that those many emails you’ve received from the “RPLS Network” are NOT coming from RPLS Today (see the large statement above).

If your inbox looks similar to the screen capture below (from my own inbox), continue reading. We can help.

RPLS Network Inbox Spam

Determining the origin of email notifications

In general, there are many ways to determine where emails are coming from. In this particular case, they are easily identified by the graphic header that is included in them. Any email notifications coming from POB’s forum will contain the following header:

RPLS Network Email Header

Any emails received from RPLS Today will not contain the image above. The latest rampage of notification emails that everyone is complaining about does not contain our logo or our name. In fact, it doesn’t even use our color scheme.

By comparison, RPLS Today forum notification emails looklike this:

RPLS Today Email Notification

Furthermore, our email newsletter headers look like this:

RPLS Today Newsletter Header

As you can see, they are quite a bit different and easy to recognize.

How to stop email notifications from POB’s forum

As with pretty much any online forum, you can subscribe or watch forum threads, which cause email notifications to be sent to the email address associated with your account at that particular website. These are typically voluntary and you have to explicitly request such notifications.In some cases, a forum will automatically mark a thread as “watched” if you are the thread author (original poster).

To stop all email notifications from POB’s forum, the following instructions should work:

  • Visitthe POB Community page at
  • Click the “sign in” link near the top right corner of the page (under the social icons).
  • You will be taken to an external page (pretty weird and suspicious to me, but it works) where you can login to your account. Once logged in, you’ll be returned to the POB Community page.
  • At the top of the page, you’ll see your name next to an icon. Click the icon to be taken to your profile page.
  • To the far right and under the menu bar, you’ll see a small “edit profile” button — click that.
  • Under the menu bar, you’ll see a new submenu bar. Click the “My Account” link.
  • At the far right of the screen, under the submenu bar, you’ll see a row of buttons. Click the “Subscriptions” button.
  • You’ll now see a list of forums with radio buttons at the far right of each. Now you can select the radio button in the “None” column for each forum, then click the “SAVE” button at the bottom to save your subscription settings.
  • Now you should no longer receive forum notification emails from the POB Community.

If you receive other POB-related emails after changing the settings as above, then you are probably receiving them as part of your magazine subscription, newsletter subscription, or for some other reason. At least now you have turned off the forum notifications.

How to stop email notifications from the RPLS Today Community

You can manage your alerts and notifications here in our ownRPLS Today forum.

  • Once logged in to your RPLS Today account, visit the Community area at
  • In the top menu bar, you’ll see your username on the right side; click that and a dropdownwill appear.
  • Click “Alert Preferences” in the dropdown menu to manage your overall alert settings.
  • In the left menu, you’ll see links for “Watched Threads” and “Watched Forums” — click each of these to manage the threads and forums you are watching.

Are these notifications considered spam?

Without reading through all of POB’s terms of use for their website, it’s hard to say for sure. The most likely answer, however, is that they are not considered spam. If you registered with POB’s website, then you agreed to their terms of use. If you elected to receive email notifications, then that furthers the argument that the email notifications are not spam because you asked for them. Also consider that it’s entirely possible that you signed up for notifications a long time ago and just never received them until now.

Here at RPLS Today, we have a similar policy, in that you agree to our Terms of Use when you register for an account here. However, we will never sell or give away your contact information.

Another consideration

From browsing around the POB website, it appears that they’ve made some changes to their forums and how you login. This may be somehow related to why the email notifications are suddenly going out to everyone. Their new login system takes you to an external website, then returns you to the POB website. This is not something that I would do, if it were up to me. By sending users to an external website to login, it may cause some uneasiness among users. There have been a lot of websites that have been hacked in recent memory that redirect users to a spammy website. I’m not saying that this has happened to POB — I’m just saying that some people will find that a bit disturbing.

In conclusion

I don’t think that POB intended to suddenly send out hundreds of email notifications to everyone. It’s probably just a result of new software, a change in methods, or other non-nefarious reason. So I wouldn’t take it personally, nor would I recommend that you mark the notifications as spam. You should simply delete them, then unsubscribe from them using the instructions above.

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