Geography Professor Pikachu?*

An unlikely event is getting our kids outside, interacting with maps, and utilizing GPS and might very well be the grand coordinated global geo-education event many have been hoping for – at least laterally.

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Raising A State Plane Projection

Back in January, 2016, Loyal Olson described a consulting project that required raising a state plane so that ground distances were very close to grid distances and state plane grid azimuths were preserved. The purpose of this post is to share the results of the research that Loyal’s post prompted me to do. Let’s explore the relationships and mathematics that make it possible to raise a Lambert state plane projection to provide ground distances and grid azimuths over a limited area.

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State of the BeerLeg 2016

Today marks the sixth year since I launched this website. Many of you came to know it as “BeerLeg”, which was the original name I established for it. It didn’t hurt that the domain name was available at the time as well. As of this month, our website merged with RPLS Today and it has a very bright future.

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The Rabbit Had Game

It was late in October, the weather had turned cold, at least late in the night and early in morning. Compared to the temperatures of the past summer, with the hot wind blowing in from the east… whereby lies Death Valley. Climbing up to 3600 feet with the frost still on the road is a welcome change. It beats the thermometer pushing 116 degrees Fahrenheit, at 11 in the morning.

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