Surveying News

2017 MAPPS Winter Conference

MAPPS (An Association of Photogrammetry, Mapping and Geospatial Firms) has announced their 2017 Winter Conference, which will be held January 13 through 17, 2017 at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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Unlicensed Group Deceives California Property Owners

BPELSG, with the help of several licensees, has investigated and monitored the activities associated with a small group of unlicensed individuals who have deceived multiple Southern California property owners by representing themselves as legitimately authorized to perform land surveying services and providing those services in a manner that directly fails to meet the standards which the public can rely upon.

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Following Familial Footsteps

Some people have an affinity for surveying or a related field ?n their blood,?and quite a few have it, literally, ?n their bloodlines.?There are a lot of multi-generational practices. These are more common among small, local firms providing, say, residential lot surveys; the nature of these firms means that they are often sole-proprietor with local knowledge and a client base that makes the following of one? parent? footsteps an attractive option.

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